Friday, 14 June 2013

GagBook update to 0.7.1

Recently you will noticed 9GAG just updated and have a new looks, so GagBook doesn't works again. Here's another update to fix this problem!

  • Update to new 9GAG (v6)
  • Show a GIF icon for GIF image

Download from GitHub

Sunday, 9 June 2013

GagBook update to 0.7.0

Major changes include:
  • Fix InfiniGAG source
  • Remove top section support
  • Add support for animated GIF images
  • Some improvements in the backend

Important notes:
  • InfiniGAG will produce repeating gags randomly in votes section (as of now)
  • Most animated GIF images is BIG (>1MB), be careful when using GagBook with your mobile data

Downloads: Symbian or Harmattan

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

GagBook update to v0.6.0

Some of you might noticed that the comment section and the 9GAG links is wrong/missing in GagBook, so here another update to fix those issues.

  • Add InfiniGAG API as a fallback API
  • Fix wrong/missing 9GAG links and broken comment section



Note: Top section is not working currently.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

GagBook update to v0.5.1

Due to a recent change in 9GAG website, GagBook is not working again. This is another update to resolve this issue.

  • Symbian: Add "Share via Twitter" and fix not able to share via sms/email
  • Fix not working due to recent changes in 9GAG website (since 15/4/2013)
  • Add full screen view of image with zooming
  • Show a text when the post is video and/or NSFW


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

GagBook update to v0.5

This update include a lot of major changes and improvement, changelog below.

  • Fix sudden not working (since 2/4/2013) because of some changes in the HTML of 9GAG website
  • Image caching - all images will be downloaded to the cache initially and will load from the cache when viewing the image
  • Add data counter - just an estimation of how much data is downloaded in the current session. Go to about page to view it.
  • Redesign UI - the whole UI is redesign with vertical scrolling


MeeGo Harmattan: